First official Canmake Hong Kong shop

Recently (13 September 2016), Canmake has finally opened their first official stand-alone shop in the Sogo Causeway Bay department store, 3rd floor. You were able to buy Canmake makeup in Hong Kong before, but it used to be only a small makeup display. Now, they have a large shop area with Canmake products and also sister-brands such as Fiancee (fragrances), Country & Stream (skincare), TexMex (male skincare brand), Footeste (heels insoles), Rosy Rosa (makeup tools such as brushes, sponges, eyelashes), Mapepe (hair styling tools), Chasty (makeup tools) and Ducato (nail polishes).

You just need to take the product that you want and scan the barcode at the self-service machine. A receipt will come out and you take that along when you pay for the product at the Sogo department store cash registers. Afterwards, you can go back to the shop and collect your purchases. It is also explained in this video.