Nissin make your own noodles workshop

At Hong Kong International airport passenger terminal 2, you can now make your own Nissin cup noodles or Demae Icho ramen noodles packs.

It is part of the Dream come true education park, which allows children from age 3 to 16 to experience different jobs by role-playing. There are 12 different working situations (Dream airways, Astro space station, Logistics, Tourism, Dream news network, Disciplinary forces, Hospital, Grand stage, Convenience store, Book store, Tung Tung classroom, and Dreamy's kitchen) and you can experience 21 jobs (pilot, flight attendant, crew safety trainer, astronaut, astro space scientist, courier, guardforce, travel consultant, anchor, photographer, airport police, firefighter, paramedic, customs employee, surgeon, nurcery nurse, performing artist, convenience store employee, book store manager, teacher, and chef. Now, cup noodles designer and noodle maker are added.


Tsukiji Yamataka Seafood market Hong Kong

Tsukiji Yamataka Seafood market will open mid October 2016 (which is very soon!) at the 2nd floor of the Wan Chai Ferry Pier. It is created after the famous Tsukiji market in Tokyo, Japan. It will have living seafood in water tanks, freshly made seafood dishes (to eat on the spot or to take out), and retail products. The fresh fish and other seafood kinds will be imported from Japan and from around the world. In the early morning, it will be open for wholesalers, but afterwards it will be open for the public from 10:00 to 22:00.

I am really excited to go try the fresh seafood as sushi, grilled on the spot, in rice bowls, and in bentos (lunchboxes).