Calbee plus store in Hong Kong

I had written before that I wanted to visit a Calbee plus store in Japan, but now, I can visit a Calbee plus store in Hong Kong too. On March 21, an Okashi Galleria x Calbee plus store will open in Wanchai (Queen's road East 200, Lee Tung street G14-15, opposite of Hopewell centre). There are ten different kinds of chips and fries shaped chips: normal chips and ribbed chips in 4 flavors (BBQ, double cheese sauce, chocolate sauce, and this-store-only exclusive flavor: typhoon shelter spicy, which is from the famous Hong Kong typhoon shelter spicy crab) and the poterico in the flavors: original and cheese. Besides the freshly-fried-in-front-of-you potato chips, you can also order a soft serve ice cream on the side. If you still don't have enough after eating there, you can also buy some packaged snacks to take home.

Underneath, you can find the menu of the Calbee Plus store in Hong Kong.

menu of the Calbee Plus store in Hong Kong typhoon shelter spicy store only flavor
 picture: Calbee plus Hong Kong 



Shibuya 109 in Hong kong

On 10 December 2015, the Shibuya 109 department store will open its first overseas branch in Hong Kong. You could already find many Japanese fashion brands in the two SOGO department stores and individual brand stores in some shopping malls, but 13 different Japanese fashion brands (Liz Lisa, SLY, WEGO Tokyo, Samantha Vega, Ank Rouge, Redyazel, Secret Honey, MLR (Muller), DURAS, ESPERANZA, KI LA RA Girl, Rady, and Regalect) will be sold there of which 10 will be introduced on the Hong Kong market for the first time.

I am personally the most interested in Samantha Vega, as it is the more affordable sister brand of Samantha Thavasa. They create the cutest bags and I wish I could own one.

Shibuya 109 Hong Kong
Address: Shop 3002, Level 3, Gateway Arcade, Harbour City, Kowloon, Hong Kong