Mochi Sweets Hong Kong

I have walked past the Mochi Sweets shops many times, when I was in Hong Kong, and the timing was never right for me to have this snack. I really love mochi, which is a Japanese, sticky rice dessert with a round shape, but either I was in the middle of shopping (holding a lot of bags and didn't have any free hands to eat it >_<) or I was on my way to have dinner. The price of one piece of mochi is between HK$13-15, which was also something that hold me back. It is not wonder why they call those Japanese luxury sweets. Knowing myself, I would probably eat a whole bunch of those, if I like them, and that could amount to the price of an entire evening meal. ^_^

Since I regret not getting one, I have got to be more prepared this time and plan ahead. I have looked on the Mochi Sweets website and these flavors would probably be my favorites. Red bean is a very traditional filling of mochi. I have tasted one with cream and red bean filling before and it tasted very good. Green tea is my all time favorite flavor when it comes to desserts, so I would definitely try this one. I also like sour fruits a lot, so strawberry and mango yoghurt have also gotten on my to try list.

    Source pictures:  Mochi Sweets Hong Kong

There are three shop locations in Kowloon and one on Hong Kong Island. The shop at Langham Place mall, Mong Kok, would probably be the easiest to find.