McDonalds Hello Kitty Circus of Life dolls

I always look forward to the new Hello Kitty dolls that McDonalds Hong Kong releases. It is common in Hong Kong to pay an extra amount of money to get the dolls (you need to pay HK$25 on top of any food purchase to get one) and not only kids collect them, so that's why they are not given away with the Happy Meal. Hong Kong really is the only place, where I have the guts to openly admit I still collect and own stuffed animals, even though I am adult already. ^_^ Even though the quality of the dolls aren't the greatest, it is always fun to see what kind of costumes Hello Kitty will wear this time.

The circus of Life theme is really cute. I especially like the chimp doll. ^_^ For the two special edition dolls, you need to order after 6PM to get the Magician Hello Kitty and you need to order from McDelivery to get the Dare Devil hello Kitty. The large Hello Kitty dressed up like Jumbo, the elephant, is part of a special collector's kit. For the price of HK$238, you get that doll and other goodies.

Source pictures: McDonalds Hong Kong

For the summer, McDonalds Hong Kong also has some very special dipping sauces for the Chicken McNuggets and some refreshing, cold drinks and desserts. The Chicken McNuggets come in a Hello Kitty Circus of Life themed box. If it weren't for all the grease, I might re-use the box, because it has the cute Hello Kitty as Chimp figure on it. ^_^ I don't know why they have the very common Honey Mustard sauce in the line up, but the Singapore Curry sauce, Korean Chili sauce, and the Sesame Miso sauce sound very delicious.

The refreshing drinks and desserts are limited edition items that are only available for a week from the indicated dates. The Choconana (chocolate-banana) Cake McFlurry and Mango Sundae look very good. I also would like to try the Kumquat Green Tea Punch. I really like any citrus drinks (my favorite right now is yuzu) and I especially like green tea, so it is the perfect combination for me.

The last time I was in Hong Kong, the McFloat was a very interesting concept to me, as I have never seen this before. I didn't know you could order a soda at the McDonalds with their soft serve ice cream on top. >_< I tried it, but it wasn't as good as I thought. The ice cream was so sweet that the grape soda turned very bland in comparison. Or maybe, I should have mixed the ice cream more with the soda until it fully turned like a milky drink. I kind of drank it like a frappuccino (with a very high calorie whip cream ^_^). Lastly, there is the Black and White Coffee McFloat. It has very funny black and white "pearls" in it that looks like those of the bubble teas.