If you are like me and always wanted to play the main lead in an action or detective movie, then HKescape provides the stage for you to be a hero and test your wits. HKescape is a company that sells "experiences". Basically, they provide the scenario and the place that you need to "escape" from. It occupies one floor of a building and every room has very realistic details that would not look bad in a real movie.  

There are currently 4 games that you can play: (duration: 45 minutes)

Escape from the movie theater
You are locked in a movie theater with your team members and you have to solve a mystery before you are allowed to leave this place. 

Mysterious museum
Your mission is to steal the precious gem, named "Angel's eye" from the museum. Are you capable of stealing it and leaving the museum without being caught?

Murder scene
The secret agent that you trust the most has just been killed. While you are investigating the murder scene, the murderer has come back and locked you and the rest of the team in the room. He is about to set everything on fire to destroy all evidence. Are you able to find out who the killer is by the clues found in the room and escape?   

Rescue operation
You just found out that the secret agent wasn't killed and the body found in the room was someone else. He tells you that his daughter is kidnapped and he needs you to help him. Right after you have taken the ransom money into an empty room, the door closes behind you and you need to get out of there before your life will be threatened.  

How many people?: You can play the games with 2-6 people. Proficiency in Cantonese is necessary, so if you are not, make sure to bring someone that does understand Cantonese and can translate for you.

Price: HK$128 per person

How to apply?: They have a really convenient Online booking system.

Location: Argyle street 39-41, Mongkok, Kimberly building, 17F (In Chinese: 香港旺角亞皆老街39-41號金山商業大廈17樓全層).