Rice, broccoli, and cream soup at McDonalds Hong Kong?!

I am not kidding when I say that you can order rice, a serving of broccoli, and a bowl of cream soup at McDonalds. At least in Hong Kong, it is.

There are two different types of rice dishes that you can order after 6:00 p.m.: in the form of a tortilla (Rice Fun Wrap) and as steamed rice on a plate with corn kernels mixed in (Rice Fun Bowl). The first one is quite special as the rice has been pressed and fried into something similar to rice crispy cookies. Together with lettuce, cucumber, tomato, and either fried chicken bits or beef patties, the rice cookies are wrapped in the tortilla. The sauce doesn't seem to be very Mexican, as it is likely chili sauce what is seeping out of the Chicken Rice Fun wrap.

The Rice Fun Bowl on the left, is very typical Hong Kong. You can eat these sort of meals at the traditional Hong Kong diners too. You get some meat (in this case, the Karubi Beef (aka Korean Kalbi beef) or the Teriyaki Chicken), rice, and a side of vegetables. 

Update: They have added another choice to both dishes, which is tonkatsu (fried pork patty). 

It is quite strange to see that you can actually order a serving of steamed broccoli with your value meal at McDonalds. ^_^ You can also choose for a bowl of cream soup with mushroom and corn. As dessert, there is the Black Forrest Cake Crunch McFlurry and the Black Forest Crunch Double Sundae. The McFlurry looks very delicious with the soft cake and the crunchy bits of ice cream corn wafer.

Update: you can now order crayfish soup.

Pictures from McDonalds Hong Kong