7-Eleven Hong Kong Rilakkuma "Relaxing Cooking Egg" collection

After the cute figurines from the 7-Eleven x Sanrio Sweet Delight collection and the second addition to that collection, 7-Eleven Hong Kong now has a collaboration with the adorable bear, Rilakkuma. There are in total, 7 kinds of plushies that you can trade with the collected stamps.

Let me introduce them to you.    (from left to right and top to bottom)    

The first two are string bags made from plush fabric, one of Rilakkuma and the other one of the yellow chick, Kiiroitori, disguised as a white rooster. I really like the parts, in which the ears of Rilakkuma and the feet of the yellow chick are sticking out of the bag.

The third plushie is a document holder shaped as the head of Korilakkuma, also disguised as a rooster. I think it is supposed to be used to store small cards, such as the Octopus card, which is an electronic card for public transport and small payments in Hong Kong. I wonder if I can fit my passport in there too? :P   

Source picture: 7-Eleven Hong Kong

The bottom row of plushies are normal plushies (except for the Rilakkuma head with the rooster disguise, which is a cute coin purse). The yellow chick in the white egg shell looks very adorable. I think that the round  shape is perfect to hug. :) The Rilakkuma plushie doll is eating toast with a sunny side up in the shape of a bear head, which was probably made by Korilakkuma, who is holding the red frying pan with red checkered oven gloves.