Spicy sensations burgers at McDonalds HK

McDonalds HK currently has three limited edition burgers in the Spicy Sensations series: the McCurry, the Korean McSpicy, and the Wasabi Sakana Supreme.

The first two burgers, the McCurry and the Mega McCurry (which is basically the McCurry, but then you get two patties instead of just measly one ^_^) are already available. It is a beef burger covered with a curry sauce and chopped unions. As I wrote in this "Eating at McDonalds Hong Kong" post, I really like the McSpicy burger. It has a very crispy chicken patty with some mild hot spices. Now that they have a McSpicy in Korean style, I would really like to have a try. I think that the main difference lies in the sauce. Based on the picture, the specific color makes it seem like the Korean hot sauce (Gochujang). If you happen to be in Hong Kong, you can try it yourself. It will be sold from March 25 onwards. The last burger, which will be sold from April 8, has the impressive name, Wasabi Sakana Supreme. It seems to have a long bun instead of a round bun. There are two slices of cheddar cheese and a piece of fried fish. The wasabi is put into the creamy sauce on top of the lettuce.   

Source pictures: McDonalds Hong Kong

McDonalds HK has also thought of a spicy side dish and created the Pickled Chili McWings. Pickled chili peppers have a nice sour and spicy taste. Matched with the fried chicken wings, it should be an interesting dish to try.

To wash the spiciness in your mouth away, they have also created a special Iced fresh lemon tea. I don't think it is the regular Nestea that they already have. Or it is just that they put a freshly sliced piece of lemon in your drink. ^_^   

Lastly, I just saw that they now have value breakfast sets too. For just HK$12 or a bit more, you get a burger and a breakfast drink of your choice. You can pick from a medium soft drink, a small orange juice, soy milk and any hot drink (coffee, tea, and hot chocolate). I have tried their breakfast burger before and I did not really like the mushy bread or the egg. I am glad to see that they also have burgers with the regular burger buns now. I think the safest bet for me, would be the Ham N' Cheese Burger with a cup of soy milk. Or I could also try the Chicken Muffin.