Saving tip: eating at McDonalds Hong Kong

Of course, I don't recommend eating at McDonalds everyday, as there is so much good food out there in Hong Kong. But when you are starting to run out of money (the Louis Vuitton bag was a bit out of your budget ^_^) and you still need to have a meal, eating at McDonalds is not a bad choice. You can already get an Extra Value Meal (Choice of a Big Mac, Filet-O-Fish, Chicken McNuggets (6pieces) with medium french fries and a medium drink) for the low price of HK$21. I think it is quite hard to get something filling to eat and a drink for that price, even in Hong Kong, where you can easily find affordable and delicious food.

My favorite McDonalds meal is the number 3, McSpicy Chicken Filet. I have to at least eat this meal once, when I visit Hong Kong. I cannot order this meal in the Netherlands, so that's why I think it is extra special. I also like the crunchy chicken patty with a bit of spiciness. I don't eat spicy food that often and I think the spiciness level of this burger is really mild and enjoyable.