Skinfood stores in Hong Kong

Skinfood is a Korean skincare and cosmetics brand. The company's motto is "Food that is good for your health, is also good for your skin". It uses food such as rice, peach, honey, sake, and black sugar that are known to have a good effect on your skin. Not to mention, the jars and bottles are really cute. Some of the packaging look like bottles with alcoholic drinks and jars filled with fruit marmalade or honey.

Because I am more likely to visit Hong Kong for vacation than Korea, I am glad that there are many Skinfood stores located in Hong Kong as well.
For tourists, I think that the easiest to reach stores are the ones in Grand Century Place (right outside of the Mong Kok East metro station, note: this is a different station than the Mong Kok metro station), Causeway Bay (turn left, walking out of Causeway Bay metro station exit D1), Sai Yeung Choi street (exit Mong Kok metro station from exit B2 or D2), and Isquare mall in Tsim Sha Tsui (Tsim Sha Tsui exit H). All these stores are located in the direct vicinity of the mentioned metro stations, so just a few minutes walk. If you really cannot find it, you can ask someone to bring you there. Hong Kong people are really nice and since it is so close I doubt that they don't know where it is. 

I have been to the Skinfood stores in Telford Plaza, in Kowloon Bay, and the one in Causeway Bay. The prices are slightly more expensive than the Korean prices and the stores and assortment are a bit small. They are like the square shaped small stores on ground level in the Hong Kong streets with high rents. I incidentally found these stores, while I was shopping. I did not do research beforehand on what to buy and how much they normally costs, so I did not buy anything back then. I will be more prepared the next time! ^_^

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